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Joseph Lonewolf
Engraved pottery miniatures.
Joseph Lonewolf elevated the ancient technique of incised pottery to an art form, and started a new tradition in Santa Clara pottery, creating fragile cameo-like pieces that writers and critics called “pottery jewels.” His fine precise sgraffito and delicate painting with natural clay slips took the art of pottery-making to a realm never seen before or since. These tiny masterpieces often tell a story, and Lonewolf sometimes includes narrative cards to relate the tales and explain his many symbols. In addition to countless gallery shows, Lonewolf has been honored with exhibitions at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe, and the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis. All three museums hold his works in their permanent collections.

In September of 2009, Joseph Lonewolf received the New Mexico Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts for Pottery.
Tribe/Pueblo: Santa Clara
Joseph Lonewolf, lynx plate.
A lynx cat with her kitten; a bear paw and two eagle feathers in the background; sunflower and wild daisy on back in honor of Joseph's parents. Signed...
Joseph Lonewolf, desert rabbit mini.
Rabbit jumps over chamisa beneath a sytlized rainbow of Pueblo symbols. Incredible detail on a tiny scale! Signed....
Joseph Lonewolf, triple butterfly mini.
Three butterfly cameos adorn this tiny seed pot. Signed....
Joseph Lonewolf, The Big One.
Joseph calls this spectacular story pot “The Big One”—one that obviously got away. Mimbres style fish decorate the base where Joseph also engraved a w...
Joseph Lonewolf, Tundra Wolves.
A family of Tundra wolves, mother calling to her three pups, against a backdrop of snow and an arc of pastel feathers representing the Aurora Borealis...
Joseph Lonewolf, Hummingbird plate.
A colorful male Broad-tailed hummingbird in full mating plumage is sculpted in relief against pale trumpet lilies and a blue arc representing the humm...
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