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Troy Sice
Famous for elaborately inlaid antler figures.
Since leaving home for college, Troy's creativity has blossomed, resulting in new figures, new materials, new techniques--all with the meticulous attention to detail his work has always shown. Every piece he brings in is a new artistic triumph. Although he is just in his early 30s, Troy's work is already in the permanent collections of two museums. He is one of few living artists to have work featured on the cover of American Indian Art Magazine.
Tribe/Pueblo: Zuni
Troy Sice, turquoise & coral inlaid turtle.
Carved elk antler turtle inlaid with turquoise and coral on the shell, and turquoise eyes. Signed....
Troy Sice, Got it Right!
This is the person NEXT to me in class. Carved elk antler, inlaid turquoise, lapis, coral, pen shell and jet. Signed....
Troy Sice, Got it Wrong!
We all know how this is! Can you ever follow your yoga instructor? Your aerobics coach? Follow the leader! Carved elk antler, inlaid coral, lapis, tur...
Troy Sice, bear with turquoise & lapis necklace.
A double drop necklace with vintage green turquoise and lapis set on coral dot inlay with turquoise accents. Pen shell eyes; jet claws. Signed....
Troy Sice, singing bear with pink coral necklace.
Pink coral pendant strung on coral and turquoise dot inlay; pen shell eyes; jet claws. Signed....
Troy Sice, bear with green turquoise necklace.
A green turquoise, like old pawn jewelry! Strung with turquoise and coral dot inlay; jet claws; pen shell eyes. Signed....
Troy Sice, Dancing Warrior Bear.
Carved elk antler inlaid with pen shell bear claws on the robe and pen shell pads on the raised foot. His necklace is a carved mother-of-pearl feather...
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